The DeLorean Sisters is a Brooklyn-based band that reimagines 1980’s pop, synth, hair metal and shlock hits as alt-country and Americana ditties.  We strip some of the most familiar songs of the decade down to the bone and then reinvent them on largely acoustic instruments.  Our innovative arrangements of songs by David Bowie, The Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Danzig and others will make you hear these old songs in a completely new light.

The DeLorean Sisters are:

Diane Wohland: vocals, acoustic guitar
Lizzie Caplan: vocals, ukulele
Gary Lowery: vocals, percussion, hollers
Clive Thompson: guitar, harmonica, hollers
Brian Braiker: banjo, slide guitar, harmonica, hoots 

Think Hank Williams in legwarmers.  Marty McFly with a washboard.  The Dust Bowl meets the Superbowl Shuffle.

Some background
Based largely in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, the original Sisters got together in 2011 strictly for giggles. The initial impulse was to play mostly covers of old-timey classics by the Carter Family, Hank Williams, Dock Boggs and others. But then Clive made a startling (some may say dangerous) discovery: it turns out the songs we were raised on -- these coked-out, cheesey, feather-haired tunes of our '80s youths -- are actually country songs in disguise. The pathos of "Here Comes the Rain," the exuberance of "Modern Love," the absurd weirdness of "Girlfriend in a Coma": it's all in there, dying for three-part harmonies and, let's face it, a banjo. 

The band began setting up gigs around Brooklyn and in Manhattan at friends' bars and neighborhood dives. The music struck a twangy chord  and momentum gathered. Before we knew it we were playing to larger audiences, outdoor festivals and iconic venues like The Cutting Room and Daryl's House. At the encouragement of Felix McTeigue, a local musician, award winning songwriter and producer, the DeLorean Sisters entered the studio in the spring of 2015. Along with engineer Drew Guido, we recorded 12 songs for our self titled debut album, The DeLorean Sisters, which was named one of the top cover albums of 2015 by Cover Me.

For more information on our album-- click here. And thanks!