We are so excited to share our first official (LIVE) music video. Check it out!

Somethin’ in the Water

We went back in the studio with Grammy nominated producer Felix McTeigue to see if we could conjure any magic with some new original tunes. Spoiler alert: I think we just may have.

We also brought in some amazing guest players like Bruce Hornsby & The Range co-founder David Mansfield on lap steel, mandolin, and fiddle. Drummer Denny McDermott has played with the likes of Roseanne Cash, Larry Campbell & Theresa Williams.

We were also lucky enough to have Grammy nominated graphic designer, Scott Sandler capture all the feels for our cover again.

We are so proud of this record and stoked to share it with you!

"The Delorean Sisters view the ’80s through sepia-tinted glasses, covering new-wavey classics like the Eurythmics' 'Here Comes the Rain Again' in a vintage-folk style, complete with banjos and earthy harmonies." - Time Out

“Ever wonder what it would sound like if Depeche Mode went back in time to 1927, hit up the nearest whiskey still and grabbed a banjo? Probably pretty rad. Ever wish the Carter Family played at your prom–in 1985? Of course you have. Well, you’re in luck: the DeLorean sisters have just the thing for you.” - Livamp